Amazon Apple iPhone XS Quiz Answers

Amazon Apple iPhone XS Quiz Answers.
Question 1. Born on April 6th, 1886 which ruler of a princely state was featured on Time Magazine in 1937 as the richest man of that time?
answers – Mir Osman Ali Khan
Question 2. Andra Tutto Bene’ meaning everything will be all right, is a slogan of hope that has gone viral. Which language is the phrase from?
answers – Italian
Question 3. In the television series Inside Edge, which of these is the name of a franchise representing Mumbai in the Powerplay League?
answers – Mavericks
Question 4. Which of these festivals or occasions is also known in Tamil Nadu as Puthandu?
answers – Tamil New Year
Question 5. Which Oscar award-winning actor is portraying the antagonist Safin in the latest Bond movie ‘No Time to Die’?
answers – Rami Malek

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